International Cooperation

Adam University has steady partner communications with universities and professional communities around the world.

Adam University has steady partner communications with many universities of the world like Sweden, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, North Cyprus, more than 20 universities from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Russian Federation. These agreements established for development of research and education in different fields including General Medicine.

The aim of cooperation networks is to represent the shared interests of their members and to serve as forums for exchanging ideas on matters related to higher education and research. Cooperation networks also facilitate the search for new parents and strengthen academic and cultural ties between universities. This network function as a channel for efficient communication and faster the exchange of researchers, teaching staff and students. Cooperation within the networks mainly manifests itself in regular meetings of working groups, in seminars and training sessions organized for members of the networks, in constant exchange of information and in consultations for agreeing on joint positions.

Adam University actively participate in the development the quality assurance system based on EFQM model in the framework of Tempus Project; Central Asian Network for Quality Assurance and Accreditaion. Adam university signed for Magna Charta Universitatum, Bologna Italy in 2010. University of Adam at promoting academic mobility through agreements on academic cooperation with other countries and their higher education institutions, thus increasing its participation in the research initiatives of the EU.